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Focusing on the LGBT community and why it’s important

People have asked me, why are you putting so much effort into this blog and website?
It’s simple, really. I love our LGBT community and want to give back.
My idea for came one evening when I was at a networking dinner at a local restaurant.

A financial advisor I didn’t know was sitting next to my wife. He started asking her what I did for a living. She told him I was a financial advisor, had my ADPA accreditation and liked to work with the LGBT community.

His response was, “Oh, I have some of those on the books.”
My wife said “Some of what?”
He said “Some of those. Gay people. I have them in my book of business.”

He spoke to my wife like we were things, not people. My wife was very angry, as was I.  I had only heard the tail end of the conversation, but pieced it together pretty quickly. I feel awful for his clients. This advisor doesn’t care about them as people. Heck, he hardly sees them as people. They probably have no clue as to what he really thinks, yet they have entrusted him with their life savings. That probably won’t be a successful relationship for those clients.

It was then that I decided to be a voice.
If I can pass on advice to help you further yourself financially, then I feel pretty good. I mean, if people are running up against a guy like “some of those” out there in the community, then how is anyone going to feel comfortable about having a personal discussion about financial plans and investing?

I’ve met many people who haven’t felt comfortable about coming out to a financial advisor.
Even though parts of DOMA have been struck down, and same-sex marriage is being legalized across the country, it doesn’t mean that everyone loves us… and let’s be honest; folks in the financial services industry have the reputation of being staunch conservatives who aren’t very supportive of the LGBT community. It’s really not a surprise LGBT folks are apprehensive. I’m stilling running into guys like the “some of those” that I met at that dinner. I’m sure people in the LGBT community are seeing it, too.

There are many couples who don’t feel comfortable telling all their business to someone who they aren’t sure accepts them.
They certainly don’t want to give business to someone who will use the money they make to support people who are against the LGBT community. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! I’m betting if the clients of “some of those” knew what he said, they would be furious!

I want to provide the kind of guidance that will help you make decisions that will be fruitful to your future.
I want everyone to feel that they have a place to turn to get investment advice. I also want everyone to know they have an experienced professional available they can turn to, if needed.
So now you know why I started this blog and try to dispense good, useful information to everyone. LGBT investors need a place to call home.

Questions? I’m happy to answer them!

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