Downsizing your life – Part 1

We recently moved. Our house is slightly smaller.  I mean, it’s just 200 square feet smaller. But during the process, I tossed out and donated a bunch of stuff. I’ve never been one for having a ton of things, or so I thought. Over time, you collect stuff.  It happens.  It was very freeing to get rid of things. For some reason, having too much stuff was stressing me out.

I started with clothes. I went through all of my clothes. Have I worn it? Do I like it? It was amazing how much I was willing to let go, when I let myself. I know that sometimes we fall victim of the mental game of “it’s a perfectly good blah, blah, blah” or “I might need this down the road”. Well, if it’s perfectly good and you haven’t worn it, and know you won’t wear it, donate it. I donated at least 10 pairs of shoes and I don’t know how many shirts.

There are so many places that take clothing donations. Women’s shelters, the Humane Society, etc. Find a cause that you like and donate your clothes. It will make you feel good to be free of things you don’t use. It will make you feel good to help a worthy cause. It’s ok if you part with it. Honest.


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