Review your life insurance

Do you have enough life insurance?

As time goes on, sometimes our debt load and obligations change. We buy a bigger house, we might have some loans, we might have kids.

Do an analysis to see if you have the proper amount of life insurance.
You may have life insurance through your employer. That’s great, but it isn’t portable…. Meaning if you separate from service with your employer, you won’t have life insurance. Most employers have group plans that are good while you are an employee. So don’t count on that insurance as a major part of your life insurance planning. The exception to this is if you are uninsurable on your own. Then you have no choice but to count on what you get at work.

How much is enough?
Add up the total of your debts. This includes mortgage, car loans, credit cards, personal loans. Do you have children? Do you want to provide for them? Maybe have enough for college costs if you were to pass away before they finish school? How about your spouse? Will they be able to get by on what you have saved? Add up your outstanding debt, the amount you would like to leave your children and spouse and that gives you a pretty good idea of how much insurance you will need. After you know much you need as a total, you can divide it up into time frames. Will your mortage be paid off in 10 years?
I suggest that you speak to a financial advisor regarding insurance needs. Many have tools to help calculate how much insurance you need and for how long of a period of time. You don’t want to underinsure and leaved your loved ones short of funds. You don’t want to over insure and waste money that could be invested in other things.

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